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✿ "99 || they/them

art || fic || oc hell
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diomedea exulans


✿ ults: nct
✿ follows: exo, got7, twice,
skz, red velvet, dean

✿ main: haikyuu!!
✿ playing: arknights (hmu!)

✿ faves: pokemon, persona, fma:b, fe3h,
kny, run with the wind, bnha, noragami,
fgo, digimon, ksbd, [...]

ocs + original works!

diomedea exulans


✿ yeah!! ✖ nah!!
coffee, teafish, sparkling water
vivid colours, pastels, clean handsthat feeling when your skin's greasy
piano, drums, r&b, rock, lo-fi chill beatsman shut up about genre enjoy the music

>> i'm 22! if you're a minor please be aware!
>> occasionally i'll talk about nsfw or rps stuff!
>> i swear a lot lmao sorry

>> i tweet about anything, and i post art + oc stuff sometimes

>> please talk to me if i upset you in any way!
>> wear a mask and wash your hands!

✿ let's get along!

diomedea exulans

superband #DAY6

✿ 2015.09.07 - now
✿ listening since march 2016
✿ hyungline!!

artist roleinstrumentyear
park jaehyung (박제형)vocalslead guitar920915
park sungjin (박성진)leader, vocalsrhythm guitar930116
kang younghyun (강영현)vocals, lyricistbass931219
kim wonpil (김원필)vocalssynthesizer, keyboard940428
yoon dowoon (윤도운)maknae, vocalsdrums950825

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